Study ranks most generous counties in MO; Jackson County ranks seventh

Jackson County ranks MO’s seventh most generous county // Photo courtesy of smartasset

The craziness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is behind us so you can start putting your money toward what’s important.  In a recent study, Jackson County ranked as the seventh most generous county in Missouri in 2020. Now that Giving Tuesday has arrived, there are no excuses. Find your charity of choice and show your generosity. 

Financial technology company SmartAsset conducted the study by using IRS data to find the geographic locations where residents gave the most money for charitable causes and organizations in 2020. Counties were ranked based on the percent of net income people donated and the proportion of people in a given county who made charitable donations. 

St. Louis County ranked first, donating a whopping 2.62 percent of their net income on average. Members of Jackson County gave 1.49 percent of their net income. See how the rest of the state stacked up, and where Missouri stands in comparison to the rest of the country

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