Study: Missouri is this year’s 10th best state for singles(?) somehow

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With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we want to give you some hope in dating. Missouri is this year’s 10th best state for single people according to the personal-finance website WalletHub.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a surge in virtual dating. The thing is, Dan Savage has pointed out a decrease in libido. This may be in response to, I don’t know, the stress of a global pandemic that has killed over 450,000 people.

Wallet-Hub took the time to break down where Missouri ranks amongst all 50 states in different categories relating to dating. Missouri ranks 7th in WalletHub’s “States with the Fewest Coronavirus Restrictions” score but at the same time, Missouri ranks 50th in vaccinations.

So WalletHub is saying going on in-person dates in Missouri is easier than in other states because of the way Missouri’s government has handled coronavirus. Not as many people are vaccinated so it is easier to spread infection during an in-person date. For the people who are vaccinated, we don’t know if getting vaccinated stops the spread of coronavirus.

Missouri ranks 17th in movie theatres per capita and 19th in restaurants per capita. Those are two options for a date. We aren’t saying good options. In fact, they are very bad during a pandemic.

We have a virtual date idea for you that can involve a favorite restaurant. If you know the person well, send your date a meal to their address through a trusted food delivery app. Then, set up a Zoom at your kitchen table or wherever you want to “share” the meal. Maybe light some candles or put on a nice outfit. Do not give your address to a person you don’t know well or don’t trust.

Now, there is a way to eat food from your favorite restaurant with an element of surprise, if you choose. You don’t have to tell your date what you’re sending them. They’ll find out at the door.

Restaurants we recommend include Kobi-Q in Westport or Smash ‘n Nash. Kobi-Q is offering unique Valentine’s Day options including a sushi roll kit or a Korean fried chicken box. Smash ‘n Nash is a ghost kitchen that serves hand-breaded chicken tenders and a Nashville hot chicken sandwich.

WalletHub has named Florida as the top state for singles with Texas coming in second. As of February 7, Florida had over 6,000 coronavirus cases in one day. Texas had over 8,000 on February 7.

Seems odd to glorify these numbers. Anyway… hooray for singles(?)

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