Studies in Crap: 16 Magazine on Monkees, McCartney and ‘My Dream Day With Jim Morrison’

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16 Magazine

Date: May 1968

The Cover Promises: That “Davy” is name enough for any reasonable person to understand that you mean Davy Jones

Representative Quotes:

  • “Your heart beats a mile a minute and you can’t help feeling absolutely super. Of all the vast multitude of Monkees fans, you are the chosen one who is about to spend untold heavenly hours in the presence of the four most wonderful guys in the world — Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike!”

  • “Just by the way Jim [Morrison] looks at things, you know he is ‘feeling’ them with his eyes.”

Dreamsville! It’s 1968, and you — lucky-ducky you! — write for 16 magazine.

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