Thanks a bunch, Sting and Annie Lennox. You two have collectively crapped all over the rumor we started — the one that claimed you guys were the same high-cheekboned, clipped-haired, tantalizingly tantric person. Just had to put your heads together and come up with a powerhouse concert pairing, didn’t you? Bloody hell. Ah, well. We always knew the rumor didn’t have a real shot at taking off. The duo’s distinct, lovely styles — Sting’s cut-glass sound and global consciousness, Lennox’s razored voice and Eurobeat eroticism — are as different as night and day, and tucking the two side by side is a gorgeous exercise in acoustic contrast. Sting’s mellowness salves Lennox’s overreaching heartbreak, and Lennox’s ballsiness shoots a backbone into the lulling Sting sound. The fit is ideal — and it’s no wonder, considering Sting and Annie are cousins … identical cousins. We swear.

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