Steve Bannon draws crowd of tens to rally for Steve Watkins in Topeka

I highly recommend that you take a look at Topeka Capital-Journal managing editor Sherman Smith’s Twitter thread about attending a rally today organized by former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon. 

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The rally was held in support of Steve Watkins, a Republican running against Democrat Paul Davis in Kansas’ Second Congressional District. Watkins has shamelessly lied about his previous business experience and is such a weak candidate that even Kansas Republicans are iffy on him. (This being Kansas, though, he could easily win.)

According to Smith, approximately 17 people showed up at the Holiday Inn. Bannon said some things, such as: 

-He’s concerned the GOP base won’t show up in Kansas.

-Voters need to “get over any handwringing about electing a RINO” (such as Watkins apparently?). Notable, given that around this time last year, Bannon was “declaring war” on the Republican establishment

-His (Bannon’s) small rallies are an “intentional effort to make voter turnout a grassroots affair.” (lol)

Here’s another shot of the rally, courtesy of Smith. 

The Watkins campaign says they didn’t have anything to do with the rally, even though there were Steve Watkins signs in the room and Bannon was talking about Watkins’ race in Topeka, which sits in Watkins’ Congressional district. In all, a very normal night at the Topeka Holiday Inn. 

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