Sterling Witt, Tre Tha Lyric, Rev Gusto, and more: September’s must-see local music videos

We scoured the web for the finest local visuals for your eyes, and September’s video selection is a split down the middle of both astonishingly cool live videos from the likes of Sterling Witt and Josh Berwanger and dope-as-hell music videos from rappers Tre Tha Lyric and Tux. It’s this month’s Cine Local, and we can guarantee they’ll live up to the hype more than this fall’s new TV shows (we’re looking at you, Scream Queens).

Tre Tha Lyric, “What They Gon Do”
August 31

“W.T.G.D.” comes from Tre’s debut mixtape, More Than Dedication. We’re really digging the effects on this video that make it look like a degrading VHS tape. It fits Tre’s throwback jam style on this cut, which sounds like it was taken straight out of the mid ’90s. It’s short and sweet, hitting and quitting in just a little over two minutes, riding a soulful sample all the way through.

Sterling Witt
, “Let Love Out”

September 1

We’ve seen a lot of live videos in our monthly search for the best in local videos, but we’ve never seen one quite this fantastic. If you’re going to record your performance, why not add in two women spinning torches in front of your band? Recorded live at the Workhouse on Vine, this song’s from the August 15 Pledgemusic campaign kick-off for Witt’s new album, Satyagraha, on which this song features.

Josh Berwanger Band, “The Siren Sings”
September 5

Along with with former bandmate Adrianne Verhoeven — plus Matt Pryor, Rob Pope and James Dewees of the Get Up Kids — the Josh Berwanger Band tackles this classic from the Anniversary’s Your Majesty in San Francisco. If someone could convince them to do this again, near here, and do all of Designing a Nervous Breakdown, that would be great, too. We want an Anniversary reunion show, is what we’re saying.

Tux, “Life of Luxury”
September 6

I think I’ve figured out what a video shot entirely with Snapchat would look like. The song’s fun, and these kids look like they’re having a blast, though. For real, all the parties we went to featured a lot of sitting around in couches looking dour. There may also have been non-ironic singing along to Rilo Kiley songs. This looks way more fun.

Rev Gusto, “Dedicated to the One I Love”
September 26

Rev Gusto finally released their first album this summer, so it stands to reason that during No Wave Fest, they announced they’re breaking up. As Sid Sowder says in the notes to this video, it made this song “more bittersweet than usual.” Somewhere between the Mamas and the Papas’ and the 5 Royales’ versions, it’s a dandy way to go out, although we hope that the band has at least one more show in them. It looks like a house show in Shawnee tonight is the last of it, though.

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