Steddy P.’s Style Like Mind Tour kicks off tonight, tomorrow, Saturday…

This is the launch of a long, spaced-out journey for Steddy P. His Style Like Mind Tour is about to blast off into 15 cities in seven states.

First things first: tonight in Lawrence, Steddy, along with comrades DJ MAHF and Approach, will tear the roof off the Jackpot. Then, it’s off to the Record Bar Friday night and the Blue Note in Columbia, Missouri, on Saturday.

“Thanks to Mr. Ben Bounce, I can be as weird as I wanna be,” Steddy P says by way of introduction on the title track of his latest release, Style Like Mind. He could have gone weirder and still come off like a safe Del tha Funkee Homosapien, but thanks to the wild beat variations created by the aforementioned Ben Bounce, this effort is a solid listen.

Steddy P won over the Granada crowd with songs like “Girls on Bikes” when he opened for Talib Kweli and DJ Hi-Tek earlier this year, and should expect a warm reception this weekend before he takes off into the galactic asphalt yonder.

Go to the shows to hear this track live: “Format,” featuring Approach and Reach.

MP3: Steddy P., “Format (feat. Approach + Reach)” 

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