Stealing Time: Troll calls Derek Donovan a douche

It’s hard out there for our buddy, Derek Donovan. The Kansas City Star’s reader representative tries to explain why the daily dropped anonymous commenting from its Web site (a good move) and gets promptly called a douche bag. Guess the trolls still take their toll.

Did you notice that Lewis Diuguid’s column ended? News to me. Bottom Line points out that Diuguid doesn’t sound happy about the death of his column. At least he still has a job.

Midtown Miscreant reminds you why you should always have your camera with you. A tanker truck just might monster truck over a Nissan. And you might just find some lube next to Charlie “Bird” Parker’s grave.

The Kansas Meadowlark wonders whom Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will pick to replace Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland. As usual, the Meadowlark follows the money.

FuKCedCity makes a phallic, Voltron-like version of Mayor Mark Funkhouser and Gloria Squitiro. Click at your own peril. 

The Chiefs lived up to expectations yesterday. 

Finally, Paul Rudd is apparently not a douche. So he’s got one up on Derek Donovan. Don’t worry, Derek. I’m still a dick. — Justin Kendall

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