Stealing Time: The road ahead for Robert Heacock

Independence City Manager Robert Heacock’s pants were down around his thighs when a Lee’s Summit police officer caught him and a companion in his idling Lincoln LS with the lights off in an alley. The Independence Examiner has also the dirty details from the Lee’s Summit PD’s report, such as catching Heacock and friend hurrying to put their clothes back on. Heacock had just left The Peanut in Lee’s Summit early Tuesday morning. An extremely apologetic Heacock offered to “drive directly home” if the officer looked the other way. Doesn’t work that way. The police arrested Heacock for driving drunk after he admitted downing a couple-three beers and shots. Whoo! Jager! Whoo! So-Co! Blogger RDM read between the lines first, but doubts Heacock’s sincerity and calls for his job. Doesn’t sound like a pink slip is in Heacock’s future.

Kansas Jackass celebrates Kansas Day. Don’t expect gifts or cake, Kansas. I forgot.

Mark Funkhouser, the Magnum brand of mayors, makes State of the Line sad with his not-so-public public meetings.

Blog CCP lives.

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