Stealing Time: Black Monday, McCaskill to DNC?, Rs for Moore, NKOTB


Feels like a hangover this morning after a grim day across Grand and further down Main Street yesterday. Lots of chatter about the ax falling around town. And it sounds like Kelly Urich is out at Mix 93.3. Who will Hearne Christopher quote now? Oh, yeah. Radio folks have already been celebrating Christopher’s pink slipping. State of the Line eulogizes the Star cuts — and bitingly dissects Kansas City’s latest lifestyle magazine, Envy. “The magazine itself is a journalistic pit of despair, riddled with typos and the most pedestrian writing you can imagine.” Maybe Envy should reach out to Christopher.

Claire McCaskill replacing Howard Dean as the next chair of the Democratic National Committee? Don’t tease Dan from Gone Mild. He gets all worked up at the thought of dumping Missouri’s “worst Senator since John Ashcroft.” Dan writes: “It’s a ridiculous thought on its face. McCaskill is the least loyal and least dependable democrat around.” Dan won’t be holding his breath.

The judge in the MySpace suicide case may not allow “suicide” to be mentioned during the trial, notes James Hart, Kansas City’s best crime blogger. “Wow, didn’t see this one coming,” Hart writes. Neither did we.

My favorite conservative blogger the Kansas Meadowlark takes a look at the 2008 version of Republicans for Dennis Moore.

Skip over to my boy Jason Harper’s Wayward Blog for a seriously insightful interview with New Kid Jonathan Knight. Seriously. Hearing fat-ass, child molesting boy band mogul Lou Pearlman called a “scumbag” never gets old.

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