State legislators’ Facebook pages are getting hacked an awful lot

Remember, in January, when freshman state Rep. Donna Lichtenegger‘s Facebook page spat out this oddly blunt message: “I love lobbyist! (sic) All the free food and stuff you get.

This job is awesome!”?

Despite Lichtenegger’s swift standard Web-screwup claim of “I was hacked!,” it seemed like nothing more than a rookie political gaffe with a weak defense that we could all chuckle about. After all, a tea party favorite bragging on Facebook about lobbyist feedbags is certainly amusing. Well, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that everybody should quit yucking it up, because four representatives, including Lichtenegger, really have had their Facebook accounts hacked in recent weeks. It appears Jeff City is awash with ne’er-do-wells bent on mocking our elected officials. Or one bored guy in the Capitol lobby.  

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