Starfucker (or STRFCKR, or Pyramidd, or PYRAMID) at RecordBar tonight

​Oh, you indie bands with your semi-controversial names; how you try our patience. (Holy Fuck, Fucked Up and Fuck Buttons — this goes for you, too.) Good thing that Starfucker — who has gone by STRFCKR, Pyramidd, and PYRAMID since its inception in 2008 — has the catchy tunes to maintain its fanbase through its schizophrenic name-switches. 

Though you might not recognize the band’s faux-offensive handle, you might recognize its tune in this Target commercial from 2009. It’s widely known that the band has much more fun on stage than they do in the studio, though — and they’ll be pounding drums, slamming bass lines and shoving silly theatrics down the crowd’s throat at RecordBar tonight. Watch a live video of the band after the jump.

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