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The American Songbook: Music of the 1980 to the Present Cue something sentimental, since this latest chapter in Quality Hill Playhouse’s decade-by-decade tribute to the American songbook is also the last. Next season, J. Kent Barnhart and his handpicked group of cabaret stars will ditch the time capsules in favor of show-length tributes to Berlin, Mercer and Gershwin. For now, though, they’re tearing up modern showtunes. Through July 1 at Quality Hill Playhouse, 303 W. 10th St., 816-421-1700. (Alan Scherstuhl

Andropause Like old rappers and oil, testosterone won’t flow forever. In fact, as big pharm is starting to warn you, man-juice production drops precipitously in later life, so have your fun now — local playwright-director Dan H. DeMott certainly is. In the idea of andropause — “male menopause” — he has found inspiration for this meditation on aging, obsession and American life after 9/11, centered on a widowed college professor all crushed out over a much younger woman. Through June 23 at Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central, 816-292-2887. (Alan Scherstuhl)

The Hare and the Tortoise It’s hot turtle-on-bunny action as Theatre for Young America revisits the fable that for decades has offered false hope to the listless. Maybe kids should know the truth: “Slow and steady” doesn’t exactly describe those Kenyan dudes who win every marathon. Still, the songs, costumes and irrepressible Jayson Chandley (he’s the hare) should be more than enough to make a ball of this ode to diligence, even if it’s all damned lies. Through July 7at the H&R Block City Stage in Union Station, 30 West Pershing, 816-460-2020. (Alan Scherstuhl)

Monkeys With Hand Grenades Of the five wildly different shows at ComedyCity, this is the most anarchic, even though it’s the only one with a script. Monkeys attempts to cram 30 sketches — each written by and starring the troupe — into just 60 minutes. The quality can vary from show to show, but the smart, sharp cast guarantees at least a couple of killer bits. 10 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at ComedyCity, 300 Charlotte, 816-842-2744. (Alan Scherstuhl)

On the Spot! The Improv Comedy Game Show Liberty’s comic tradition moves to the Westport Coffee House in the opening salvo of improv collective City 3’s assault on midtown’s serious lack of funny. First up is On the Spot, a cheerful corruption of improv’s one-for-all ethos. Here, four of the best improvisers in town compete against one another for points and laughs, but audience members get the prizes. Host Jared Brustad is joined this week by Tim Marks of Improv-Abilities, Wade Meredith of CounterClockwiseComedy, Ed Doris of the Trip Fives, and the young and quick Ashley Kirk of the Fakers: 8 p.m. Saturday, June 16, at Westport Coffee House, 4010 Pennsylvania, 816-678-8886. (Alan Scherstuhl)

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