Squitiro makes a sampling error


Mark Funkhouser’s experience can be a burden. His 18 years as a tough-minded city auditor make it difficult for him, as mayor, to get away with nonsense.

A recent newsletter appearing on Funkhouser’s blog makes the latest point. Embattled first lady Gloria Squitiro closes the newsletter with a “personal note,” informing readers that the mayor’s office received approximately 80 e-mails in response to the ordinance, directed at her, prohibiting elected officials’ family members from volunteering at City Hall.

For Squitiro, the quantity of e-mails “speaks to to the fact that the ‘volunteer’ situation within the Mayor’s office was a non-issue to our residents.” At the same time, Squitiro took comfort that 80 percent of the e-mails supported the mayor’s “choices.” (Funkhouser threatened a lawsuit after his veto of the ordinance was overridden.)

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