Spring Swing craft fair goes virtual

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Spring Fling // Courtesy Strawberry Swing

Mark your calendars: the annual Spring Swing craft fair in Kansas City is going virtual this year.

It will be held on May 30-31st from 12-4 pm and all you need is internet access to attend. The event is being put on by Strawberry Swing, a local organization that curates craft fairs for every season.

In light of the pandemic, the decision to move Spring Swing online presented the challenge of how to make the fair experience as similar to strolling through booths and vendors as possible while being online. This prompted the decision to host live streams, chat rooms, and unique vendor experiences online in addition to the typical online purchasing interface.

How will this work? Organizer Katie Mabry van Dieren explained it to us:

“I am using a platform that was recently developed and it will be the first time anything like this has been done in Kansas City. We are excited to be one of the first virtual festivals in the world to use this new software, which will allow us to have one live video at the top of the website with multiple people broadcasting live from it throughout the day. I’ll be hosting them. We will have the live music, DIY lessons, and more broadcasting on the site both days, and the vendors ‘booths’ will be below for your perusal.

You can even click into many of the vendors’ booths and chat live with them just like you would at our events. We’re hoping to recreate the interactive and fun elements that make The Swing so special this way. Also, we’ll have four food trucks set up in different parts of the metro that guests can pre-order from then go curbside pick-up and bring home to dine while they shop and District Pour House will be offering pick-up of cocktails and beer at their Waldo location.”

This event is sure to bring a unique, new way to participate in local events from the comfort of your home.

For more information, visit the Strawberry Swing website. The festival will be held on May 30-31st from 12-4 pm. 

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