Spring Into Summer

No one can say that Lawrencians don’t love themselves some summertime, when many students head back home and Lawrence takes on a legitimate small-town vibe. The Spring Into Summer local music fest has become an annual celebration of that mass student exodus. Split between the Jackpot Music Hall and its neighbor, the Replay Lounge, the festival boasts an absolute bevy of local bands. Heavy hitters such as Drakkar Sauna, Hospital Ships, Approach, Fourth of July, and Old Canes play along with young up-and-comers Mouthbreathers, the Hips, Jabberjosh, and many more. The festivities kick off at 6 p.m. Saturday, and the party doesn’t stop till 2 a.m. Given that a mere five bucks grants entrance to both venues and a solid eight hours of music, it’s a pretty terrific way to waste away a Saturday and welcome in the sweltering Kansas summer.

Categories: Music