Spotted: a local version of the Cronut

Around a year ago, New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery launched the Cronut, the doughnut-croissant hybrid that quickly became one of the most talked-about pastries in the world. KC versions have begun springing up at local shops – and we spotted one at Edible Creations (5222 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Raytown).

Name: Kronutz

Price: $2 each (or “Kronut holes” at 25 cents each)

Shape: Square (Those Kronut holes are shaped like tater tots.)

Flavors: Original (glazed), maple bacon, cream cheese, cherry, pumpkin spice, hazelnut, German chocolate, chocolate, strawberry

How Kronutz came about: Owner Taylor Holmes saw a story about the Cronut on Good Morning America. She was confident in the croissants she already offered, so she made the leap. She has been selling them since October.

How the name came about: “I wanted to be different,” Holmes says. “I didn’t want to stick with that [Ansel’s] name. A good friend said, ‘Do it with a K and Z.'”

Reaction: “Everyone loves it. No bad complaints.”

Fun bakery fact: Holmes’ dad, James Holmes, used to own Napoleon Bakery in Westport. He helped her start Edible Creations.

How they’re croissant-y: They’re buttery, and the flaky layers can be peeled off.

How they’re doughnut-y: They’re fried in grapeseed oil. There’s a slight crunch from the glaze, and the interior is soft.

What The Pitch‘s tasting panel thought of the original glazed: “It’s good, but it tastes like a regular doughnut.” “It tastes like a croissant – it’s buttery. If you hadn’t told me it was a croissant, I might not have known.” “It’s like a glazed doughnut to me. Not to say I didn’t like it, but I don’t see the fuss.” “There’s more texture than a regular doughnut.” “I want to crawl inside of it and take a nap and, when I wake up, eat my way out.”

Availability: The original glazed is available Tuesday-Saturday. The flavors are available in the store only on weekends but can be ordered for pickup during the week. Call the bakery at 816-388-0754 or send a message through its Facebook page.