SportsCenter airs video of Royals fans celebrating victory…on weed

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Slow news week over here. Nobody wants to rock the boat while the Royals are playing such spectacular baseball. Who knows what might disrupt the Jordan-like zone this team is in right now? 

On Tuesday, you may recall, the Royals emerged victorious in Game One of the World Series against the New York Mets, a hard-fought battle that lasted 14 innings. Those of us who watched from our homes and local taverns were free to drink as long as we pleased. But at Kauffman Stadium, they cut off alcohol sales in the seventh inning. So unless you hoarded several large beers for yourself in the sixth inning, you couldn’t drink for the entire second half of the game. Lots of time for a hangover to set in. No bueno. 

Away from the K, a little weed can put out that fire, though. It can also help forge new friendships, as we see in this SportsCenter clip of fans celebrating in the Power & Light District after Eric Hosmer’s game-winning sacrifice fly. Somebody on YouTube helpfully uploaded the video and narrates exactly what’s going on. In short, one dude puffs on a joint, then a bro next to him is all like, “Can I get a hit off that?” and the dude is like, “Yeah, bro,” and then the bro passes the joint to another brah, and before you know it, the dude and the bro and the brah are tight. It’s pretty chill. 

I legitimately find it to be a heartwarming video. Watch below. 

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