Spirit Fest


Decisions. Life is full of them, and some are harder to make than others. Paper or plastic? Bush or Gore? Molly Hatchet or Night Ranger? Those attending the Kansas City Spirit Festival 2000 will face no easy task deciding between the latter two come Friday night; each fondly remembered act will rock upon one of the identical twin stages at the same time. And the next choice is also “Tuff Enuff.” Later that night, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, who after a gig this year at the Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival are starting to make something of a side career playing our local festivals, will face off against Rick Springfield, who is starting to make something of a side career repeatedly playing Spirit Fest. It certainly is nice that every once in a while He Who Wants Jesse’s Girl gets to see a part of Kansas City that isn’t Station Casino, if only because he’s never going to find “a woman like that” there.

Thankfully, relief from those harsh decisions will arrive Saturday, because no one needs that kind of stress when there is music to be enjoyed, wafting through the muggy air and giving all within earshot a fine reason to one, two, three, four, get their butts out on the floor, yo. National and formerly young MCs Tone Loc, Coolio, and Sir Mix-A-Lot (who, just as an FYI, likes big butts) will follow what hopefully someday will be big names outside of our city limits, Jesse Jackson Five and Tech N9ne. At that very moment over on the other stage, Brody Buster, Corey Stevens, and Joe Walsh will play the blues and rock for those who are not rap-inclined. Currently, it is unknown whether any of them prefer big butts.

Sunday will be another good day for the blues fans, with acts ranging from young to old, starting off with 14-year-old Shannon Curfman and including Taj Mahal, John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, and Bobby Blue Bland. Meanwhile, the Kottonmouth Kings and One Way Ride will service fans of the rock, as will some of the area’s finest players, who can be found at the Time Warner Modern Rock Pavilion.

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