South by midwest

What’s not to love about a city with an unofficial motto that promotes hanging on to its own weirdness? Austin, Texas, is an oasis of artistic cool in an otherwise conventional desert, and there’s a lot more going on than just music. So, in the spirit of cross-cultural exploration, Urban Culture Project opens two shows tonight featuring Austin artists. Texposé: New Art From Austin, at Paragraph (23 East 12th Street, 816-471-5937), includes drawings, paintings, mixed media on paper, experimental and performance-based video by six Austin artists, along with an opening-night performance by video and performance artist Jill Pangallo. The Scooby Doo-sounding It’s Gonna Be Reverything, at Project Space (21 East 12th Street, 816-221-5115), is a group exhibit of site-specific installations, drawings, videos, sound and sculpture by members of the Austin art collective Okay Mountain. Both shows open at 6 tonight and run through January 10.

Nov. 22-Jan. 10, 2008