Sounds Good

It was obvious that Miles Bonny and Joe Good — together Sounds Good — were eager to take their music to another level when the pair kicked off a new batch of material at the Money/Pacin release party. The new EP’s two title cuts, “Pacin” and “Money” (along with four tracks of equal or lesser value), serve as an appetizer for Sounds Good’s upcoming full-length release, Biscuits and Gravy. Bubbly, ice-cream truck samples and happy-go-lucky lyrics take a backseat to urban-focused beats and rhymes that are virtually flawless in tempo. Asa lends R&B finesse to the inner-city anthem “Marvin,” which is reminiscent of the soulful patchwork on Dr. Dre’s Chronic. B-sides “Like We Make Love” and “Ms. Brown” return to the party-style atmosphere of Sounds Good’s debut. “We just strive to make the best music that we can,” Bonny says. With Biscuits and Gravy still in the works, the Money/Pacin EP should be just enough to hold you over without spoiling your appetite.

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