Something Candid

The Prairie Dogg finds the dirt on sex, drugs and the History Channel with Something Corporate guitarist Josh Partington.

PD: I just talked with Arvis, the tour manager. Are you jealous you don’t have a kick-ass name like Arvis?

JP: Arvis is a pretty great name. Clutch [SC bassist Kevin Page] is also a great name.

How did Clutch join the one-name ranks?

People are born into greatness. That’s how I explain Clutch. There’s Madonna, Cher and Clutch.

How’s Florida treating you?

Florida is treating us very well. We were in 20-degree weather in Boston last night, so it’s a good change of scenery.

Are you lounging by the pool with little umbrella drinks?

Clutch and I are watching a show on the History Channel about private jets. It makes us feel insignificant.

How do you spend time on your private bus — reciting poetry?

Oh, yeah. It’s a lot of Shakespeare reading on the bus. That’s what we do when we’re not spending twenty hours a day playing Tiger Woods Golf.

Riley from Thrice was a big fan of Tiger Woods Golf.

It’s the game of the rock star. And the nonrock star, which is us.

Are you a big fan of The O.C., having grown up in Orange County?

Actually, Bill [Tell, SC guitarist] and I really love that show.

So, was your childhood full of sex, drugs and shootings?

I wasn’t having a lot of sex in high school. I wasn’t doing a lot of drugs. There weren’t a lot of shootings. We did have band practice a lot, though.

Did being around all those beautiful people prepare you for rock-star life?

If sitting in a Holiday Inn watching the History Channel is rock-star life, then yeah, I guess I’m pretty prepared.

Does Andrew [McMahon, SC vocalist and pianist] get all the chicks?

Absolutely not. Bill gets all the girls, though Clutch and I have been holding our own lately. We are own-holders. Wait, that sounds like we’re masturbating a lot … forget I said that.

Are you going to throw the television through a window tonight?

It depends. Last night was pretty low-key. We hung out at the hotel, had some drinks, watched the Lakers game and watched Brian [Ireland, SC drummer] hit on a 45-year-old woman. Other nights we get a little crazier.

So what’s your drink of choice?

I’m a vodka man.

Free association: What’s the first thing you think of when I say “Kansas City”?

I think of [buffalo] wings. Is that weird?

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