Someone is passing fake $100 bills in the Crossroads

First Friday news alert: Counterfeit $100 bills are circulating.

The Crossroads Community Association sent out an advisory Friday afternoon that businesses are receiving fake bills. The message was written by Patrick Unrein III at Lead Bank, who said the bank had received an unspecified number of bogus Ben Franklins from its Crossroads customers.

“I know everyone is on alert for counterfeit money already,” Unrein wrote, “but with First Friday tonight and the amount of people passing through the community, I wanted to make everyone aware that there is definitely someone using our neighborhood to pass counterfeit money right now. So, be on extra alert!”

The bad $100 bills Lead Bank has received do not have watermarks or security strips. The serial numbers are all the same: KG08799948B.

Unrein encouraged merchants to use counterfeit pens and to hold suspicious $100 bills up to the light to check for the Ben Franklin watermark portrait. The printing on Ben’s shoulder on the left side of the note should feel rough to the touch. Blurry printing is a red flag.

The United States Currency Education Program has more information on security features.

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