So Many Dynamos

Because our music scene is unquestionably more kick-ass than anything going on in St. Louis, a visit by an act from our arch-rival’s domain feels as strangely surprising as waking up with Jamie Lee Curtis after going to bed with Regis Philbin. Missouri won’t be the only state to carouse with So Many Dynamos, though, because this peppy, experimental dance-punk band is on a mammoth tour of all 48 contiguous states — which, considering the intensity of its music, will probably take years off its members’ lives. Unless, that is, the refusal to play tonal chords and write conventional hooks is the secret to eternal youth. Speaking of young age and unconventional tactics, the Dynamos are playing the Crossroads’ anarchist bookstore, which is quickly becoming as good a place to see a show as it is to bone up on Marx. That shouldn’t deter the old folks from coming out, though — after all, someone of age needs to sneak in the booze.

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