Slowdive hypnotized the crowd last night at the Truman (photos + set list)

Slowdive, with Cherry Glazerr

Friday, November 3, 2017

The Truman

On the heels of its first release in 22 years, British shoegaze pioneer Slowdive made a somewhat surprising stop in Kansas City just a week into its North American tour. Noting that the group’s last stop in Kansas City was “all the way back in 1992,” singer and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Goswell, along with along with guitarist and singer Neil Halstead, guided a 90-minute set that drew upon material fresh as well as vintage.

The crowd’s composition reflected the gap between Slowdive albums; about half of the audience resembled the band in age, while a healthy component nearest the stage sported thick “x” marks on their hands. The under-21 folks waved their hands aloft as the band plowed through its sprawling, spacey material. And the band might be better now than ever before.




Crazy for You

Star Roving

Souvlaki Space Station


Catch the Breeze

Don’t Know Why

Blue Skied an’ Clear

When the Sun Hits


Sugar for the Pill

Golden Hair

(Syd Barrett cover)


No Longer Making Time


40 Days

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