Slideshow: Crowd surfing at the Pitch Music Showcase 2010

Look at last night’s Pitch Music Showcase on the surface and it seems like any standard math problem.

How much music and shitshow shenanigans can be packed into one night of music with more than 35 local bands performing at seven different Westport bars at a mere cost of $6? Solve for x.

Turns out, the answer is “a lot.” Around 2,500 people descended on Midtown last night to catch the very best in local music. We heard some “foot-stomping, tambourine-rattling” during The Grisly Hand performance at the Riot Room and thanks to Soft Reeds, we now know what it sounds like when continents fuck. Consider our minds blown. But the crowd was just as much fun to watch as the bands. Pitch photographer Paul Andrews snapped a few crowd pics for this slideshow.

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