Slayer’s Kerry King talks shit on the Chiefs; tears are shed; worlds collide

The Pitch‘s Peter Rugg debates his loyalties on the Plog after Slayer‘s Kerry King talks shit on the Chiefs in an interview with Noisecreep.

I don’t normally want to reach out, but you readers should know I’m having a hard time writing today. Worlds are colliding, and I’m forced to make a terrible decision. Justin Kendall has now physically restrained me, lest I harm myself or someone else and is forcing me to file this post by dictation instead removing me from The Pitch‘s sensory deprivation chamber. He keeps telling me that it’s going to be OK, but I don’t think it is. No. Not at all.

The greatest metal band in the world, Slayer, is talking shit about the Kansas City Chiefs. Who do I choose?

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