Skateboarding in quarantine is providing a surprise outlet

Connor Crist Fs Noseblunt U Of A Campus Fayetteville Ar

Covid has had a non-stop stranglehold on the entire world for all of 2020. Businesses have closed, the United States steadily broke its own records for new cases, and people of this generation will probably never be the same. How can people cope with the impending doom of corona, while also getting exercise? Skateboarding, since its inception, has been the answer.

The thought started as a fun two week break from school. Maybe even work if you were lucky. The poor handling of COVID-19 has landed us in the 8th month of quarantine. The kids aren’t alright. They need something fun. 

Skateboarding has been the ultimate quarantine activity for this pandemic. It’s individualistic at its core. There are no rules. No teams. Go ride a skateboard. Do it poorly. Fall down. It’s exhilarating. 

Don’t like riding ramps? Go fall down stairs for hours on end. You’ll love it. Don’t like big drops? Cruise the local skatepark ramps. You’ll find your own goal to set. You’ll feel real pain. You’ll enjoy every second of it. Skateboarding is one of the purest and most welcoming sports/interests/hobbies out there. 

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