Sirhan Sirhan

Widespread curfew-breaking greeted local product James Armbrust’s homecoming last summer with his San Diego buzz band, Louis XIV. Underage girls eagerly swallow bad-boy sleaze rock, a fact that the members of this proudly promiscuous, kinda-gross group might just consider ideal. By contrast, Armbrust’s former Gunfighter bandmate Jason Blackmore fronts the San Diego outfit Sirhan Sirhan, which favors an audience seasoned enough to appreciate Bad Brains and post-new-wave, pre-monotony Ministry (circa 1988-92). Extensive drinking experience also helps, because these thrashy tunes demand at least a shot apiece. With a rhythm section that’s also Midwest-tested (including erstwhile Overstep drummer Alex Organ), Sirhan Sirhan is a trio that Kansas Citians can bring home to their folks, assuming their parents are old-school punks with hard-partying pasts.

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