Single Sentence Singles from local musicians: June 2021 edition

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Illustrated by Katelyn Betz

In an effort to keep you all abreast of the latest local music that’s not album or music video related, we present the latest installment of our irregular feature, Single Sentence Singles. We take a listen to the latest local singles to hit Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, et al, and sum them up in one sentence. Simple enough? Here we go.

The Grisly Hand, “Now That You Know” 

The Grisly Hand’s first new music in five years is a slow, soulful number, with a bit of a sway in the musicality, and feels like it’s walked right out of Muscle Shoals circa 1973 thanks to its beautiful lope and singer Lauren Krum’s vocals soaring high before blending into a rich choral tone.

Sam Arjes, “Maryanne” 

Mixing the catchy guitars of the Byrds or Donovan with the pop smarts of the Hollies, Sam Arjes’ “Maryanne” feels like a song you’ve known your whole life, while the musician’s deadpan vocal delivery roots this in the more modern sensibilities of someone like Stephen Merritt, which is to say that it’s a goddamned gem that needs more than 6000 plays on Spotify.

Nisee Amore, “The Call” 

There’s nothing I love more in a song than a good intro, and “The Call” hooks you in with a pulsing beat into horns into Nisee Amore’s enthusiasm before entering into a song that asks for men to bring more to the table when they’re coming at her, in what might be the singer’s best single yet.

Baby and the Brain, “For Finn” 

This might be the most complicated explanation for a pop song ever, but as it’s beautifully catchy, I’ll allow it: “inspired by Jo’s eavesdropping of India and her friend Finn while they discussed Finn’s Spotify plight–how he had listened to his ex’s new boyfriend’s band (available only on Spotify) as a primarily Apple Music user…which led to that band becoming his #1 band on his Spotify Wrapped.”

Indigo, “The Hermit (Suicidal Thots)”

Nonbinary St. Joseph rapper’s first single off their debut EP, Major Arcana, displays a lot of promise, but the lyrical content about feeling being “stuck in a cocoon/ always dreamin’ ’bout my doom” and wondering about if they’ll “get to spread my wings or not” and the legitimately-solid skittering beats are nearly lost behind pushed-to-the-red vocals.

Bummer, “JFK Speedwagon” 

Coalesce frontman (and my former boss) Sean Ingram provides guest vocals on this beefy slab of hardcore off of Dead Horse, the band’s debut full-length for Thrill Jockey, due out September 24, and the end result is like a sludged-up Apocalypse Hoboken, something for which I am quite enthusiastic.

You can pre-order Dead Horse here.

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