Single Sentence Singles from local musicians: August 2020 edition

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In an effort to keep you all abreast of the latest local music that’s not album or music video related, we present the latest installment of our irregular feature, Single Sentence Singles. We take a listen to the latest local singles to hit Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, et al, and sum them up in one sentence. Simple enough? Here we go.

Dimension Bill Edwards, “Business Travelling” 

“Fade in from another galaxy” with this cut from the band’s eventual debut release, Sustenance, and take refuge in some celestial folk-pop for those who love Wizardz, Witches, Lycanthropes, Vampires, and Shapeshifting Entertainment—among other things.

The Brannock Device, “Wheelbarrowed” b​/​w “Cop” (Remix) 

Long-running avant-blues-punk rockers The Brannock Device return with a song written over a decade ago, yet heretofore unrecorded, making this nearly 7-minute bit of weirdness simultaneously a blast from the past, as well as a grooving slab of newness, backed with a remix of the track off 2017’s Use Your 1, 2, 3, 4, “Cop.”

The Uncouth, “KC Belongs to Me” b/w “Six Month Skin” 

The KC street punks pay homage to a couple of bands who came before them — the Main Street Saints and Tanka Ray, respectively—with this surprise single on Teenage Heart Records whose a-side has the unique status of being the Uncouth’s cover of a Main Street Saints cover of a Cock Sparrer song.

You can grab a physical copy of the limited-to-300 7-inch from Teenage Heart.

Nisee Amore, “Love Is” 

Genre-fluid artist Nisee Amore dropped her first single, “Love Is,” and while it’s really easy to focus on the absolutely addictively silky synth bass that anchors the track, the lyrics talking about the work and power inherent in real love make this more than just another jam—although, really, it fuckin’ slaps.

Brandon Phillips and The Condition, “Veronica”

The latest summer single from BP+TC is a quietly piano-based at its outset, but fear not, as the band delivers yet another catchy, sunny gem with “Veronica,” a slow-burn, lighter-lifting ballad that feels like the calm before a furious final single next month.

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