Single Sentence Singles: August edition

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In an effort to keep you all abreast of the latest local music that’s not album or music video related, we present the latest installment of our irregular feature, Single Sentence Singles. We take a listen to the latest local singles to hit Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, et al, and sum them up in one sentence. Simple enough? Here we go.

Man Bear, “Feelin’ Fine” 

I never knew that “pop punk band becomes the Jayhawks” was an aesthetic which existed, but now that I’ve heard Man Bear’s latest single, it seems to be the only thing I want to hear for the rest of the summer, as it’s a perfect blend of jangly roots sounds, a little alt-rock snottiness for flavor, and a bridge that builds to some sing-along gold.

Kannabis Klub, “Illicit Kannabis” 

Just over sixty seconds of electronic beats and bars results in a song celebrating the finest kush KC has to offer, making this a definite hit-and-run track, but one which could easily become the perfect soundtrack to any new dispensary wanting to herald the fine quality of their locally-produced weed.

LK Ultra, “I’m Doing This Because I Love You” 

The latest from Lawrence punk trio LK Ultra starts out quiet before going into a big rocker of a track, which is only made even more huge by the addition of gang vocals on the chorus from producer Giovanni Ventello and fellow young rockers Oxford Remedy, with this new single sounding like a mixtape ficture in the making.

LK Ultra plays the Replay on Thursday, September 9, for an all-ages matinee with Summer Like The Season and Daniel Gum. Details on that show here.

Stephonne, “The King’s Gambit” 

Stephonne’s latest, “The King’s Gambit,” is a masterful combination of the musician’s alt-rock listening habits, shimmering R&B, and a brilliant spoken-word middle which is heartbreakingly, confessionally honest that, while about a boy, could also apply to Singleton’s approach to his music over the last couple of years.

Existem, “The Drowning” 

It’s been three years since Kansas City progressive metal quartet Existem released Mantle, and the band has not been resting on their laurels, as “Drowning,” the first single off the upcoming Searching for Clarity goes for broke before hitting a solid minute of gorgeous texture to end.

Searching for Clarity is out Friday, September 10.

The Grisly Hand, “Why Make Me Cry” 

The return of new music from the Grisly Hand has given us something to which we can look forward every month, and the latest track, “Why Make Me Cry,” is a rocker absolutely worth the wait, especially featuring as it does the glorious harmonies and vocals from Jimmy Fitzner and Lauren Krum.

The Grisly Hand headlines Brew at the Zoo on Saturday, October 9. Details on that show here.

Soma For Savages, “Pink Hexagram” 

Lawrence’s Ryan Schlotterbeck is likely most familiar to Pitch readers for his time with punk rockers Four Arm Shiver, but he’s also produced official remixes for artists such as HEALTH, System 6, and Everson Poe, which is where Soma For Savages, one of his many side projects, comes in with this banger of an electronic number, from the forthcoming full-length, Doublespeaker.

Doublespeaker is out Friday, October 1.

Zava, “Wrong” 

With so many songs out there about relationships delving into the dissolution of romance and hearts breaking, there’s something utterly refreshing and joyous in Zava’s exhuberant celebration of being proven wrong in a good way, all set to a banger of a beat which would make Robyn proud.

The Roseline, “Paper Plane” 

According to Roseline frontman Colin Halliburton, “This song is arguably the most epic and ambitious thing we’ve attempted,” and at almost seven minutes long “and bookended by spacey guitar loops,” I’m inclined to believe that this Jason Isbell meets Kacey Musgraves meets Tom Petty track is also going to be the song from the upcoming Constancy album will be the one everyone remembers.

The Roseline plays Kaw Valley Public House on Friday, September 3, with the Mr. and Mrs. Dodge Band. Details on that show here.

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