Singer Support


Onstage, Kansas City actor James Wright flips from comic galoot to suave, old-time crooner as if he had a switch under his shirt. Last month, in Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune, he showed a third, lesser-known setting: serious dramatic actor. Now see a fourth: singing altruist. Tonight at 7:30 at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church (11 East 40th Street), a cavalcade of local musical theater pros join Wright to belt their hearts out for the idea that a city of this size can support local musical-theater pros. The struggle is represented by the need to raise cash to release Wright’s forthcoming CD, Center Stage: Songs of Spirit From the Musical Theatre. Joining in the fight are such stalwarts as Jim Korinke, Melinda MacDonald, Cathy Barnett and the inimitable Karen Errington. Tickets cost $25; for reservations, call 816-304-7490.

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Mon., March 31, 2008