Sing Your Heart Out

Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer doesn’t have casual fans. They’re obsessed creatures with a rabid bloodlust for all things Buffy, be it comic books, action figures or fiction penned by fellow devotees and posted online. So if you aren’t a Scooby-lovin’ psycho, we suggest extreme caution when attending tonight’s showing of Buffy’s musical episode at the Screenland Granada (1015 Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas). Borrowing from Bertolt Brecht, Rent and Cole Porter, “Once More, With Feeling” finds the denizens of Sunnydale singing and dancing their true feelings. Ex-vengeance demon Anya sings about marrying good guy Xander, good witches Willow and Tara sing about being lovahs, and evil-hot Spike shares a naughty kiss with the slayer. It’s a drama-club geek’s wet dream. Tonight’s and tomorrow’s showings are at 10. The $12 admission includes a Rocky Horror-like goody bag. Purchase tickets online at or call 913-621-1800.

Screenland Granada

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