Signal and The Enemy

With no need to demonstrate malicious intent, upbeat DJs leave their given names unaltered (Paul Oakenfold, Sandra Collins), use their initials (BT) or select a jovial, oxymoronic alias (Fatboy Slim.) By contrast, it’s clear that drum ‘n’ bass crews Robot Death Squad and Evol Intent have an intimidating identity to reinforce. RDS’ Signal and Evol Intent’s The Enemy (pictured) co-headline Another Late Night, an evening of desolate melodies, haunting atmospherics and marching-cobra percussion set in an as-yet unnamed Kansas City location. The Signal’s mixes open with accelerated minimalist patterns, add deceptively lush synthesizer washes, then unleash the percussive elephant stampede. Evol Intent’s song titles plot its dark-cloud demeanor somewhere between black metal (“7 Angles with 7 Plagues”) and militant gangsta rap (“Corrupt Cops”). Despite all the confrontational beats, these death-minded DJs are, to quote a ubiquitous radio ad about local sheet-metal workers, “soft on our community.” By bringing canned goods for Harvesters, showgoers can knock $2 off the admission price.

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