They may yet be amateurs, but the fiercely dedicated filmmakers who are participating in this year’s 48 Hour Film Project can rest assured that by the time they finished writing, crewing, casting, scouting, shooting, scoring and editing their miniature opuses last weekend, Stanley Kubrick would still have been obsessing over his first storyboard, and David Lean would barely have had three cameras in position for his opening crowd scene. Now, after coming down from their caffeine highs and sleeping for three days, these local moviemakers are ready to join the audience and reap the rewards (and neurotically second-guess the results) of their long days’ journey into cinema. Show up at 7 or 9 p.m. at the Screenland Theatre at the Crossroads (1656 Washington, 816-421-9700) and behold the power of storytelling on a shoestring and a deadline. Admission is $8 for adults; $6 for students, seniors, and children 12 and younger. See for more details.— Brent Shepherd

Wed., Aug. 11; Thu., Aug. 12, 2010