Showcase Video: Freestyle jam feat. Mark Lowrey and Sephiroth

Because this is the first thing I’ve written all day about last night’s 279th annual Pitch Music Showcase, I feel compelled to tell you: It was great. A fucking awesome, enjoyable, rich night.

Tons of people came out to support local music, and I have a feeling the majority of them were seeing a lot of those bands for the first time. For me, the best thing about this whole showcase-awards process is seeing people rock out to homegrown acts they didn’t even know existed. From the unstoppable charm of the Kansas City Bear Fighters early in the evening to Adam Lee and Johnny’s end-of-the-night serenades and many, many stops in between, I witnessed plenty of I had no idea reactions from friends.

In fact, during the performance captured below, a coworker’s date remarked that she didn’t think she liked hip-hop until she’d seen this jazz-enhanced freestyle flow from Sephiroth, aka Kartoon. A little after 9, he jumped in on Mark Lowrey‘s revolving-door jam in our sponsor area outside McCoy’s. In the video, Seph and Lowrey, with help from drummer Zach Albetta and percussionist Miguel “Mambo” DeLeon lay down some hip-hop skronk-funk-latin awesomeness. Enjoy. And check in here on Monday for tons of photos and reports from the big, wonderful, epic local music party.

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