Shop local for happy, healthy plants

Cacti from Foxtrot Supply Co. // Photo by Zach Bauman.

A first-time plant parent? Houseplant hobbyist? Avid greenery collector? Whatever your level of houseplant addiction, there are a plethora of local-owned shops to satiate your need. We can’t name them all, but here are a few to start with.

Paradise Garden Club

1621 Locust St

Open since last November, this desert oasis has a broad selection of cacti to add to your collection. Plus succulents and other flora.

Foxtrot Supply Co.

115 W. 18th St.

More cacti can be found at Foxtrot, thanks to High & Dry Cactus Co., an online shop operated from the home of Foxtrot’s owner Jordan Fox.

Family Tree Nursery

7036 Nieman Rd., Shawnee

With three location, family-owned Family Tree Nursery isn’t a surprising place to buy plants, but we wanted to point out Cafe Equinox at the Shawnee location. Sip on Thou Mayest coffee while immersed in a lush, indoor garden.

Jungle House

924 Delaware, Lawrence

Grown from quite literally a jungle house (owner Krum is our 500+ plant owner!), Lawrence’s Jungle House hosts classes and workshops for new plant parenthood, propagation, and more.

Virgil’s Plant Shop

1746 Washington St

When the weather is nice, you can find Virgil’s mobil plant shop out and about at local events. But until April, stop by Seven Swan’s Creperie’s cozy side room for a well-stocked sea of greenery.

NOVA Vintage

1515 Walnut St.

NOVA is a hidden gem of a vintage shop in the Crossroads. But along with the well-curated boho and mid-century modern furniture is a consistently stocked stream of happy houseplants curated by owner Nova Engle.

Modern Lily

2 Westport Rd

One of Westport’s newer home decor shops, Modern Lily stocks artwork from owner Megan Gallagher along with an assortment of plants and pots.

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