She’s Out of My League

This isn’t entirely without its selling points, chief among them T.J. Miller, who’s a cross between Seth Rogen and Jason Segel — paging Judd Apatow, now. Miller plays Stainer, a mop-topped giant and best bud to Kirk (Jay Baruchel, an Apatow player from way back), a TSA lackey and a “hard five” who catches the eye of Molly (Alice Eve), a lawyer turned party planner who’s a “hard 10” and, natch, out of Kirk’s league. Molly, burned by her hunky flyboy ex, wants safe and sweet. Stainer, burned by his own former flame, is aghast at the coupling; short on self-esteem himself, he insists it’ll never work, and it doesn’t for long stretches precisely because Kirk buys Stainer’s sincere rap — he doesn’t want his boy hurt. Stainer is the real goofy, damaged soul of this slight comedy, directed by Jim Field Smith, who tries with modest success to blend the sticky-sweet with the plain ol’ sticky. (The first time Molly grinds on Kirk, he’s a bit early on the draw — and, look, here comes the dog to lick his pants.) Baruchel’s bit is the same one that he’s been perfecting since he enrolled in Undeclared — puppy-dog pouty and cute and clever and, good God, he’s this close to turning into Michael Cera. Miller is the find. He’s out of this movie’s league.

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