Shay Phillips’ Godly Fine Wine is the personal and passion-filled brand for your holiday spirits

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Godly Fine Wines by Shay Phillips. // Image courtesy of Godly Fine Wines.

In terms of wine brands, few are as reliable for a local and personal drinking experience as Shay Phillips’ Godly Fine Wines. Phillips is so passionate about her craft as a winemaker that it encourages careful attention to her wines (even if you’re not a trained sommelier, or even have any casual knowledge about the drink).

Phillips is kind enough to provide a detailed order of steps and glassware and pairing suggestions for her wines, even just to the average customer. While her business is currently a one-woman show, Phillips is working her hardest to bring experience to her buyers.

“The experience is not easy. It’s challenging.” Phillips says. “There are only 25 Black individuals within the whole United States that have a wine industry. So I’m very thankful to have even grabbed onto such a gift, to have been blessed with such a gift to know how to produce this type of product. But anything worth having isn’t easy. So who cares? You know, it’s a part of the game, and it is what it is.”

In the wine business, there are few African-American brand owners, and fewer of them are women. While Phillips didn’t set out to break records as a Black woman winemaker, it took a combination of faith and bravery to get her there (hence her brand name.)

“Originally, I would say what really piqued my interest [in winemaking] was being very spiritual, just being honest.” Phillips says. “I was going through my spiritual growth with, you know, understanding different types of religions, as well as spirituality. And I read in the scripture that the first dinner that was prepared for like a wholesome gathering, they basically turn water into wine. And so it was a very touching thing for me.”

“It was a lot of fear of not knowing, you know, where to start and how to move forward.” Phillips says, of her beginning her business. “And it was, it was a scary jump, but I’m glad I had that leap of faith and that willingness to not allow fear to hold me back.”

Phillips’ business venture with Godly was a risk, but because of her hard work and belief that it would work out, she has had a great deal of success, being featured on the Urban Alchemy podcast and KCWYA’s radio show, as well as hosting a number of events in the metro. However, she won’t stop here. Phillips is hopeful to get her full website up and running soon, and implement world-wide shipping. Currently, she operates via word-of-mouth and through social media, which is good for building recognition and establish a repertoire in the area.

“Most importantly, I knew that there was something more for me,” Phillips says, speaking about her purpose to become a wine professional. “You know, you can feel it, once we are hit the hit a certain time in our life, whatever chapter it is, that you’re meant to be here. There’s a purpose for us all. And maybe I’m just going to be the best wine owner.”

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