Shawnee Mission’s penis-shaped Florida controversy continues

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The fight to reinstate a now notorious artist of phallic Florida and ex-teacher keeps going and going and not getting anywhere.

KCTV 5 reports that parents and students demanded last night that the Shawnee Mission School Board re-vote on whether to fire Mission Valley Middle School teacher Ryan Haraughty.

Haraughty drew a map of the United States with a plump, penis-like

Florida. When his students laughed and teased him about the Sunshine State’s dong-like appearance, Haraughty made an off-hand remark that “Florida got a little excited.”

The school district said this wasn’t an isolated incident and fired him. Still would like to know more about the previous incidents, but not a lot of talk about those.

Also last night, KCTV 5 reported, the outpouring of support led school board president Larry Winn III to say, “We’re enthused people care that much in our district, but no, it really can’t affect our decision. We’re stuck with the facts.” He also said they might vote on it in the future. Don’t hold your breath.

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