Shawnee Mission schools’ penis-shaped Florida problem won’t go away

The students of Mission Valley Middle School have not forgotten about notorious phallic Florida artist and ex-teacher Ryan Haraughty.

Students protested last night’s school board meeting, again trying to get Haraughty reinstated, according to KSHB Channel 41.

The Shawnee Mission School District fired Haraughty last November after he drew a map of the

United States with a plump, penis-like

Florida and said “Florida got a little excited” when his students laughed and teased him about the Sunshine

State’s dong-like appearance.

The district later said Haraughty wasn’t offering a full disclosure on his firing, adding he was canned for “numerous incidents” but, of course, the district couldn’t talk specifics.

The students have put together a couple of Web sites (here and here). Good to see the kids care about something, even if it is a lost cause.

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