Set Sale

We love ritzy boutiques, but garage sales are where we really get our shop on, scoring others’ discards for cheap. Weston, the charming burg to our north, hosts a citywide garage sale that has us drooling at the thought. Call 816-640-2909 or see for more information. — Rebecca Braverman

Dirty Minds
Players’ names are mud after this volleyball tourney.

SAT 6/4
Charity involves sacrifice. In the case of Saturday’s Mud Mania volleyball tournament, this means the likely forfeiture of an old T-shirt and shorts, given that all of the spiking and setting will undoubtedly turn recreational attire into a lost cause for laundry detergents. That’s a small price to pay for an entertaining afternoon of double-elimination competition, especially one that aids anti-drug-abuse efforts. As for how the playing surface became so slimy, parks-and-recreation workers arrived at the site a week before the event to dig massive pits, then the local fire department doused the dirt with high-pressure hoses. The less-than-level conditions tend to even the field, because even varsity volleyball all-stars struggle to maneuver in this swamplike setting. The matches start at 10 a.m. and conclude at 5 p.m., with medals and fresh, clean T-shirts awarded to the top three teams. The action takes place at Little Platte Swimming Beach at Smithville Lake, one mile north of Smithville on Highway 169. For more information, call 816-468-0400, ext. 196. — Andrew Miller

Sun Salutation

SAT 6/04
In our rich fantasy life, we practice yoga on the beach all the time — because we live in a glass house overlooking the ocean and our personal yoga instructor, Sven, appears on our doorstep at 5:30 every morning. But we don’t need Sven now that we’ve learned about the new Intro to Yoga program at Shawnee Mission Park Beach (in the park, 7900 Renner Road in Lenexa). For six weeks starting at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, aspiring yogis can do a little downward dog on the sandy shore. Classes cost $60 for six sessions for Johnson County residents and $66 for nonresidents. For more information, contact instructor Krista Eilers at 913-262-1205. — Braverman

Critical Mast

SAT 6/04
Ahoy there! We’re always looking for an excuse to get on a boat (and no, the casinos don’t count). The sea dogs of Jacomo Sail Club invite landlubbers to Open Sail Day at Lake Jacomo (7401 West Park Road in Blue Springs). No word on the availability of sailor shirts or jaunty caps; we just hope we get a chance to say “batten down!” Boats sail from the West Marina dock from 1 to 4 p.m. Call 816-942-2301 for more information. — Braverman

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