Seiden Gone Wild


It’d be too clichéd to say that The Campus Ledger has been a thorn in the side of the Johnson County Community College administration. Besides, it’s more like a friggin’ stake the size of the Overland Park clock tower.

The college paper was responsible for reporting allegations of sexual harassment in April 2006 that brought down the college president. But what got the Ledger national news coverage was one simple, sexy cover photo. You remember it: a couple of soccer hotties lifting their shirts to show their sports bras, under the headline “Goals Gone Wild.”

Well, the man responsible for that headline, Joshua Seiden, now wants to help run the place.

In January, Seiden filed as a candidate for the JCCC’s board of trustees. He’s one of eight candidates competing for three seats on the board; the February 27 primary will narrow the field to six.

After spending a school year as Ledger editor, Seiden transferred last fall to the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Considering he’s no longer a student at JCCC, Seiden says he doesn’t have anything to lose. “I’m going to go ahead and say what I think about that place,” he tells the Department of Burnt Ends.

Seiden admits his political experience is limited. He served on the college’s student senate. His highlight? He competed on The Chelsea Handler Show to be the president of Handler’s fan club. “I got VP, so I guess I have some leadership experience.”

Naturally, the Department of Burnt Ends asked Seiden if there was anything incriminating in his past. And in the spirit of his transparent platform, he actually produced pictures. Apparently, Seiden likes to spend his free time pasting his own head onto odd photos.

“I’ll definitely guarantee you I’ll have the best sense of humor on the board of trustees,” he added. “I think I’m slightly better-looking than the other guys, too, so maybe that will help.”

After seeing Seiden as an old woman in a holiday sweater, we’re not so sure.


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