Season Premiere

P.T. Barnum had nothing on the owners
of the National Football League. Even Barnum, who made his money by exploiting the gullibility of the American consumer, would be amazed that we football fans happily buy pricey tickets to watch an August scrimmage between players who will be forgotten in weeks. The Chiefs’ preseason begins today when the Miami Dolphins come to Arrowhead Stadium
(1 Arrowhead Drive). Trent Green’s return to Arrowhead will cause some excitement, but he and other starters will ultimately give less than a full effort (for perhaps a quarter) in order to avoid injury. As for the rest of the game? Well, be prepared to test your knowledge of the Chiefs’ third string. For the game’s participants, a good showing may be the difference between a roster spot and spending the rest of your life telling people about that preseason Chiefs’ game you played in. Those eager to overanalyze Thursday’s results should know that last season’s preseason rushing leader was Cincinnati’s Quincy Wilson, who compiled a grand total of two rushing yards during the season. Yikes. Just the same, we Wolfpack types will gobble up the $54 to $103 tickets and pay $22 for parking, just for a glimpse of what’s to come. Call 816-931-3330.

Kansas City Chiefs