Sean G, 25, at the Riot Room


Sean owns a tattoo shop. I almost forgot which one, but luckily I rediscovered his business card after it fell out of the pocket of the jeans I wore last night: Body Art Inc. “Tattooing at it’s finest.” It’s at 7943 Frontage Road, Overland Park, Kansas.

I liked his huge ear gauges and imagined throwing gum wrappers through them for sport. He’d keep me entertained while waiting for a plane at the boring KCI gates, is all I’m sayin’.

I also dug his Willie Nelson shirt, which clashed charmingly with the tattoos. He explained, “All I wear is black shirts and jeans ‘cause it’s old school and it kicks ass.”

I can’t argue with that.

He took another picture too, flexing his “guns,” but it didn’t turn out as well. We also talked about more stuff, but, er, I was kind of drunk. Happy Friday!

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