Best of Kansas City 2021: Scraps KC brings out the artist in all of us

A wide angle shot of three aisles at Scraps. The aisles are lined with random mismatched goods in all different colors.

Photo by Travis Young / Scraps KC is Kansas City’s frist creative reuse center. Scraps KC is located at 3269 Roanoke Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111.

Scraps KC proves its importance to Kansas City time and time again. As a creative reuse center, Scraps KC diverts a ton (over 200 tons, to be exact) of materials from landfills. In addition to providing a space for people to donate items often considered trash or un-donatable, Scraps repurposes and packages the items to be treasures for someone else.

Beyond the flowers, yards of fabric, paper clips, stamps, and the occasional sewing machine, the reuse center prioritizes helping the unhoused. Scraps provides meals, volunteer opportunities, and survival donations to unhoused folks while providing free care kits to customers to keep with them or give to others.

From saving all the stuff from landfills to providing affordable supplies to helping the unhoused, Scraps KC is showing everyone what it truly means to better your environment. Whether you’re looking for art supplies, an affordable way to get into a new hobby, or the perfect gift for someone, Scraps has it all.

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