Scott Weiland

It seems like every time Scott Weiland gives us reason to take him back, he’s back out on the street with a D.U.I. riding shotgun and a pound of blowhard (figuratively, of course). The tempestuous rock star has kept controversy alive in an era marked by boring yarl-rockers, serving jail time and calling Axl Rose a “fat, Botox-faced, wig-wearin’ fuck.” (No word yet on whether Weiland will sign on for the Chinese Democracy tour.) Weiland’s latest solo album, “Happy” in Galoshes, attempts to woo back Stone Temple Pilots fans with doses of gaudy glam-pop. It’s not exactly a Core redux nor is it Velvet Revolver, but it will probably appease longtime fans more than his previous solo effort, 1998’s 12 Bar Blues. In any case, Weiland remains one of the more provocative frontmen in the biz.

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