Sarah Breiby, production manager and butcher at the Local Pig, talks the East Bottoms life, trains, butcher jokes and more

Instagram handle
: @queenofthebottoms

Hometown: Olathe

Current neighborhood: East Bottoms — or, as we like to call it, Easy Bottoms

What I do: I cut up animals, and tell customers what is in the breakfast pot pies: sausage, eggs, cheese, potatoes, OJ, Cap’n Crunch. That’s a classic butcher shop joke.

What’s your addiction? Kitty’s Cafe all day.

What’s your game? Scrap or die. I like to turn trash into cash.

What’s your drink? Old Overholt, my dude.

Where’s dinner? The bar at the Milwaukee Deli. Adam is the best company anyone can have, and Amber will make you a fine slice.

What’s on your KC postcard? At Urban Provisions, a general store next to the Pig, they sell postcards with giant kitties over the KC skyline. Not trying to top that.

Finish these sentences: “Kansas City got it right when …” They decided to bring life back to the East Bottoms.

“Kansas City needs …” An active riverfront.

“Kansas City screwed up when …”
They didn’t show up to eat and drink with us at Local Pig Westport. R.I.P. Club Pig.

“As a kid, I wanted to be …” My best friend, Jessi, and I dreamed of working at Taco Bell. Either that or an astronaut.

“In five years, I’ll be …” Hopefully running a successful business of my own.

“I always laugh at …” My co-workers past and present. Local Pig draws an eclectic mix of people. That, and the giant billboard of Alex Pope towering over Missie B’s.

“I’ve been known to binge watch …” Lately Adventure Time, but Arrested Development forever.

“I can’t stop listening to …” Train sounds. Trains run the bottoms.

“My dream concert lineup is …” I don’t need a fancy concert. Just take me to Terrioke Tuesday at Missie B’s. Best show in town. R. Kelly would be tight.

“I just read …” Long Walk to Valhalla, by local talents Adam Smith and Matthew Fox.

What’s your hidden talent? I have a degree in glassblowing from the University of Hawaii.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Eating multiple orders of fried ravioli from Caddyshack.

The best advice I ever got: My glassblowing professor told me I didn’t give a shit about glass. He could tell I was more into food. It’s interesting how similar the studio and the butcher shop are.

Worst advice? My dad once called solely to tell me never to get a payday loan. It’s not bad advice. I was just disappointed he didn’t know he raised me to know better.

My sidekick? My man, Alec Gratton. Currently, we are into matching outfits. Got that cowboy game down.

What is your spirit animal? Seahorse

Who is your hero? The person behind the Dolly doughnut at the Doughnut Lounge.

Who (or what) is your nemesis? East Bottoms trains. They are everywhere.

What’s your greatest struggle right now? I am always losing stuff. If anyone found a Zippo with the phrase “always hungry, never satisfied,” please return to the Local Pig.

My favorite toy as a child: I used to have a small stuffed beaver named Chuck, until I accidentally chucked him out the car window.

My dating triumph/tragedy? I think I’m currently in it. My boyfriend goes by Lil’ Shitty. He’s great.

My brush with fame: I lived next to the mom of Tim “Youngblood” Chapman, the bounty hunter. We chilled once or twice.

My soapbox: Ladies, don’t be afraid to dive into a male-dominated industry.

What was the last thing you had to apologize for? Bullying my roommate, Bridget. We once released a giant confetti cannon in her bedroom. Sorry, Bridget.

Who’s sorry now? The guy who accused me of hitting his car in the Local Pig parking lot. Videos don’t lie, bro. I’ll take my apology at your convenience.

My recent triumph: Lil’ Shitty and I caught an East Bottoms feral trash kitten. Her name is Kisses. Someday she will love us.

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