Santa-Cali-Gon Days

Santa-Cali-Gon Days is a bizarre title for a festival in a town full of — Spinach Festival, anyone? — bizarre festivals. The name is a Sesame Street fusion of syllables from Santa Fe, California and Oregon – the trails that originated in Independence — and the festival is filled with entertainment, including the Cowtown Cloggers and the gay square dancers known as the Sho-Me Squares for those who don’t give a rat’s ass about newfangled country. For those who do, Amy Dalley brings her twangy and sassy gig to the main stage, and Dierks Bentley brings his slightly grittier but still twangy act on Saturday. The long weekend also features country acts Marty Stuart and Jean Shepard, but for those hipper-than-thou urbanites who find the watermelon-seed-spitting contest more exciting than country music, there’s always Liverpool, KC’s Beatles tribute band.

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